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Morgan Paschal YP Member Spotlight - Sept.

Name: Morgan Paschal

Where do you work? Abilene Preservation League

What’s your job title/what do you do? Development Director. We are a non-profit established in 1977 to promote and facilitate preservation of historical sites and buildings in Abilene. Several iconic buildings in Abilene were projects of the APL including the Paramount Theatre, Grace Museum, and many others. Our current preservation project is Abilene Courts at 633 S 11th St., which was built in 1930 and is one of the last remaining original prewar tourist courts along the Bankhead Highway.

Where are you from? Abilene

What is your favorite thing about living in the Big Country? The pace of life and community. Everyone is so ready to support each other!

What do you do in your free time? I enjoy learning about bees (I’m an amateur beekeeper and care for the hives at Abilene Fresh), writing music and working on my 1970 VW Beetle convertible. I finally learned how to drive stick on the Beetle last year (if you are ever behind me in traffic in this car, I’m sorry, I still dump the clutch and stall sometimes). I'm going back to school next month to study accounting, so will probably be replacing most of this answer with studying then ha.

What does being an Abilene Young Professional mean to you? Being an Abilene Young Professional means having the opportunity to network and grow professionally with other like-minded individuals. I love that this growth doesn’t just impact us at the individual level, but strengthens Abilene’s overall development, as well.

What’s the last book you read or what’s your favorite book? I am currently reading the Book of Isaiah, "Keep Your Love On" by Danny Silk and am in the middle of the “Mark of the Lion” series by Francine Rivers. I will read anything written by Agatha Christie, especially her Poirot novels.

What’s your favorite place to travel to and why? I enjoy visiting the Texas state parks. Several are close enough for a weekend getaway and it’s an affordable way get get outside and explore!

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