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Casjen Rico YP Member Spotlight - Aug

Name: Casjen Rico

Where do you work? First Financial Bank

What’s your job title/what do you do? I am a commercial loan officer

Where are you from? I grew up in Grapevine, Texas

If you’re not from Abilene, how long have you lived in the area and what brought you here? I’ve lived in Abilene for about 8 years. I came to Abilene for to attend college at McMurry University and have been here since.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Big Country? The fact that there is virtually no traffic!

What do you do in your free time? Well I use to enjoy hanging out with my friends prior to social distancing life, but I’ve always enjoyed spending time outside and playing all types of sports. What does being an Abilene Young Professional mean to you? To me, being a young professional in Abilene means, unfortunately, being a minority. However, the minority group is trending in the right direction and is head over heels in a better place than we were just a few years ago.

What organizations (non-profit) in town do you choose to support and why? I you serve on any boards in the community or participate in any other groups? If so, what do you enjoy about your participation? I am currently on the board of Junior Achievement and the YMCA of Abilene. I particular enjoy serving on each of these boards as the primary focus is on children/young adults.

What’s the last book you read or what’s your favorite book? The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but overall, does it get better than the Harry Potter series?

What’s your favorite place to travel to and why? Negril, Jamaica. My wife and I went on our honeymoon there a few years back and made a second trip for our second anniversary. We had plans to go back this summer (prior to the country shutting down) as it really just doesn’t get much better!

What’s something you’re passionate about and why? I am probably more passionate about the Denver Broncos than anything else. Denver was the first major US metro area my parents lived, and it quickly turned into an obsession for me.

Share a fun fact about yourself other AYP Members might not know! I got to sit on Shamu as a child!

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