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A Message to AYP Regarding the Spike in COVID-19 Cases

To our members:

After reviewing Mayor Anthony Williams comments, and the recommendations of our local, national, and world health organizations, I believe there is once again an opportunity for our organization and membership to be at the forefront of leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been given a very specific recommendation on how to continue to flatten the curve, and I feel that as young professionals in this community, we should heed those recommendations. Over the past six years, our steering committees have focused on creating valuable opportunities to network with peers and non-peers in our professions, developed programs that challenge personal and professional growth, and hosted luncheons and summits that spoke to how we can strategically craft our leadership styles for each of our industries.

Now is the time to harness what we’ve learned by setting an example for others in our community and across the state. Our commitment to wearing masks in public, routinely washing and sanitizing our hands, and practicing proper social distancing protocols can help make a difference in the lives of those that are most susceptible to the coronavirus as well as the healthcare workers who are tirelessly working to serve those who can no longer serve themselves.

Abilene is rooted in its generosity towards those in need. We’ve seen that represented by our Foundation Sponsors, our non-profit organizations, and our faith-based community. I believe it is the duty of the Abilene Young Professionals to continue with that mindset and to lead by example.


Taylor Sturgis

Key Appraisal Group

2019-20 AYP Chair

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