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Phil Crowley

Age: 36

Business: Taylor County

Job title: Judge/Attorney

Why are you working in this industry?

I’ve always been interested in public service and Taylor County Judge is a continuation of that after serving the people of Taylor County as a prosecutor for 7.5 years.

What are three daily habits that have helped you to become successful?

  1. Being nice

  2. Listening

  3. Putting in a strong effort on whatever I’m trying to accomplish.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

90% of life is just showing up.


What do you want to be doing in 10 years?

Serving the people of Taylor County still in some capacity.

What was your first summer job? 

A grocery bagger at the Dyess Commissary.


Where will we find you enjoying your hard-earned time off?

I really enjoy trying new things and traveling.

What changes have you seen in Abilene during your career? What changes would you like to see.

Abilene’s growth and new sense of energy these past 10 years or so has really improved quality of life and I want to see that continue.


Community Involvement:

  • Abilene Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • Abilene Chamber of Commerce Member

  •                Abilene Regional Growth Alliance Board of Directors

  • Abilene Chamber of Commerce (Leadership Abilene Class of 2024)

  • Abilene Young Professionals – Member

  • Alliance for Women and Children- Board/Executive Board Member

  • American Red Cross Regional Board Member (Past)

  • Betty Hardwick Behavioral Advisory Team,

  • Metropolitan Planning Commission- Policy Board Member

  • Taylor County Child Advocacy Center Board Member

  • Taylor County Historical Commission Board Member

  • Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Community Advisory Board Member

  • Taylor County Venue District Board Member

  •  West Texas Council of Governments Executive Board Member

  • Attends Beltway Park Church


Your family: 

My Dad – Jon Crowley 

My Mom- Lynn Crowley 

Siblings: Heather, Tony, and Michael.

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