Tim Singiser Member Spotlight - Jan

Name: Tim Singiser Where do you work?: Cooksey & Company, REALTORS, LLC. What’s your job title/what do you do?: Manager/REALTOR. I oversee the property management side of the company and am also a full-time Realtor helping people buy and sell residential Real Estate. Where are you from? I grew up in Pennsylvania in a small town called Boiling Springs. If you’re not from Abilene, how long have you lived here and what brought you here? My wife and I moved to Texas just over 5 years ago when I took the job as the Curator of the Abilene Zoo. When I left that job, I transitioned into Real Estate working for a very good friend of mine, Vance Cooksey. What is your favorite thing about living in Abi

Cara Duck Member Spotlight - Jan

Name: Cara Duck Where do you work? Dyess Air Force Base Pharmacy What’s your job title/what do you do? Pharmacist Where are you from? I was born in San Angelo, Texas and lived there until I was a sophomore in high school when my family moved to Abilene where I finished high school. I moved away for college at Texas Tech and pharmacy school in San Antonio where I lived until 3 years ago. How long have you lived in Abilene and what brought you here? I went to high school in Abilene and moved away for college and Pharmacy school but moved back 3 years ago. I moved back to be close to family and have been blessed with our time together and the bond my daughter has made with her family. What is y

Deep in the Heart

I can remember exactly where I was when I learned my next assignment would be at Dyess Air Force Base deep in the heart *clap clap* of Texas. And, I’m embarrassed to admit, that it was not an overwhelmingly positive reaction. In January of 2016 I was stationed at Lajes Field, Portugal, a base located on the Island of Terceira in the Azores, about 800 miles West of mainland Europe where I ran the installation’s public relations. I had just received my future assignment by way of a very personalized…automated Air Force email. At which point I burst into undignified tears. A Judge Advocate friend of mine was with me at the time and she helped me pull myself together just as the commander knocke

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