Nathan Hathorn

Age: 33

Business: Silverthorne Insurance Brokers, LLC;

Silverthorne Investments, LLC    

Job title: President


Why are you working in this industry? I really enjoy working in the insurance and real estate industries. Insurance has been a great career path for me and what better job than to help people you care about protect the things that they value the most?


What are three daily habits that have helped you to become successful?

1. Learning from and listening to people that are smarter than me.

2. Spending time with God and reading in the mornings.

3. Encouraging my team and being there for them when they need me


Who is the person who most influenced you in business? My parents, Howard and Jacki Hathorn. They taught me to work hard, be honest, treat people the right way, keep Jesus first in my life, and how to treat those around me with respect. Those things have all served me well throughout my career and their influence on my life has been substantial.


What was the most significant hurdle you had to overcome to get where you are? How would you address this hurdle today? Getting over fear. I started selling insurance straight out of school at ACU. I was 22 and scared out of my mind to call on business owners and even friends in Abilene. Doing sales is not for the faint at heart. You have to put yourself out there, conquer your fears of rejection, and work hard to accomplish the things that you want to achieve.


What changes have you seen in Abilene during your career? What changes would you like to see? Abilene is changing rapidly, especially the downtown area and in the SoDA District. I love Abilene and it’s been really cool to be a part of what is going on with the downtown revitalization. I would like to see more young people staying in Abilene and getting connected with what’s going on. Abilene is a great place to network and do business.


What was your first summer job? I started mowing lawns when I was eight years old. It started with our yard and expanded to yards on my street. I continued mowing until I was able to drive and mowed lawns throughout my years at Wylie and ACU. This helped me pay for my school, save money for the future, and taught me how to work hard, run a business, and sacrifice temporary discomfort for greater things later in life. Great summer job!


Where will we find you enjoying your hard-earned time off? If I take time off you will find me either spending time with my girls, friends, hunting, golfing, working at one of my properties, or spending time outdoors in the mountains or at the deer lease.


Community Involvement:

  • The Well Church - Member

  • Certified Insurance Broker (CIC)

  • Elevate - Member

  • Network Abilene - Member

  • Abilene Chamber of Commerce - Member

  • Leadership Abilene - Class 2019

  • Abilene Young Professionals - Member

  • Home Builders Association - Member

  • Abilene Board of Realtors - Member

  • Bigger Pockets - Member

  • ACU Alumni


Family: My wife Katie and I have been married for almost 10 years. She is a professor in the education department at ACU. We have two daughters, Harper (6) and Nora (4). We are also expecting a son, Micah, due summer of 2021.

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