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Molly Moser

Age: 35

Business: Christian Homes and Family Services

Job title: Development Officer


Why are you working in this industry? 

I am devoted to this industry because I believe in following the path the Lord has set for me which is far greater than any of my plans. Transitioning into the ministry at Christian Homes allows me to be part of something greater, contributing to a kingdom-filled purpose. My commitment is fueled by the profound impact on lives that have touched my heart, testimonies like my sister and her daughter Adalynn, and friends who have selflessly said yes to foster children in need of a temporary home, families who have chosen adoption for their child, and those blessed with an addition to their family through adoption. I am honored and blessed to be a part of this mission.

What are three daily habits that have helped you to become successful? 

Making my bed - my first accomplishment of the daily!, daily devotional - provides a moment of reflection and spiritual nourishment AND a cup of coffee from Starbucks (yes, it's an addiction)


Who is the person that most influenced you in business? 

Mallory Moser, my sister who chose as a single woman to foster and then adopt my niece, Adalynn Ivy Moser and who is currently fostering, Lord willing, my future nephew. Her step in faith has grown a passion inside of me to step into ministry at Christian Homes where the vision is a Christian home for every Child. 


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34


What was the most significant hurdle you had to overcome to get where you are? 

The most significant hurdle on my journey was learning to speak up for myself and advocate for my needs. Today, I prioritize self-advocacy by building confidence, recognizing my strengths, and seeking guidance from mentors. Clear communication and setting boundaries have become essential skills, empowering me to navigate challenges and achieve my goals with confidence."

Where will we find you enjoying your hard-earned time off? 

You’ll find me in a cabana, savoring the soothing waves of a beach vacation with my family or immersed in the magic and wonder at the happiest place on earth! Whether it's the tranquility of the ocean or the enchantment of disney, these moments recharge my spirit and create cherished memories with those I love.

Describe yourself in one word:



Community Involvement:

  • Pioneer Drive Baptist Church - Member​

  • United Way of Abilene, City of Abilene - Loaned Executive

    • June 2021 - September 2022

  • Outstanding Young Alumni, 2022 Hardin - Simmons University

  • Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year, 2022 United Way of Abilene

  • Day Nursery of Abilene - Board of Trustees

    • Board Chair - January 2021 - December 2022
      Board Member - January 2017 - January 2021

  • Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau - Board of Directors

    • January 2015 - September 2022

  • Hero of Tourism, 2019 Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Hero of Tourism, 2015 Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Hero of Tourism, 2014 Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau



Proud dog mom to Jett and Frosty! Their love is my daily reminder of the simple joys that make every moment special. Grateful for the paw prints they've left on my heart. My family, anchored by the love of my incredible parents, Carl and Evelyn Moser, includes my wonderful siblings Mallory Moser and Mitchell Moser. The recent addition of Adalynn Ivy Moser (my sister’s daughter) has brought the cherished role of Aunt into my life. My grandparents, Rita and Raymond Robinson on earth, and Dorothy and Oscar Moser in heaven, have played a profound role in shaping who I am today. Together, they form the foundation of my journey, filled with love, support, and lasting memories.

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