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Intern ABI: Bridging the Gap between Businesses and Aspiring Professionals


In the ever-evolving professional landscape, one of the most significant challenges for students and fresh graduates is gaining relevant practical experience. Conversely, businesses often find it hard to identify and recruit the right talent who will shape the future of their industries. The solution to both these concerns? Intern ABI, a program that aims to connect businesses with the fresh talent they seek, and students with the real-world experience they need.


During the summer months, the interns become part of a uniquely structured journey. The program kicks off with a speed networking event where interns can connect with diverse businesses. This isn't just about swapping business cards. It's an opportunity for students to learn more about different industries and make impactful connections that could shape their future careers.


Following this, the interns are invited to join the Abilene Young Professionals at an After Five event. This meeting is a melting pot of seasoned professionals and young professionals. Interns can mingle with industry leaders, understand the intricacies of their chosen fields, and glean insights that only hands-on experience can provide.


The summer internship concludes on a high note with a celebratory luncheon. An event where hard work is applauded, and the seeds of long-lasting professional relationships are sown.


But the essence of Intern ABI isn't confined to the summer. Throughout the collegiate school year, the program continues its mission to raise awareness about internship opportunities and helps businesses establish their own internship programs. The objective is to create a year-round culture of internships, enhancing student learning and driving business growth.


By joining the Intern ABI program, students step into a world of possibilities, and businesses open their doors to innovation, fresh perspectives, and youthful energy. It's not just about an internship—it's about shaping futures, inspiring innovation, and nurturing the next generation of business leaders.


So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with Intern ABI? Let's bridge the gap between businesses and potential interns. Let's shape the future, today.


Wednesday June 5 2024 - Speed Networking

Thursday July 11 2024 - AYP After Five  

Wednesday July 17 2024 - Intern ABI Luncheon

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