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Erica Harris

Age: 37

Business: Hendrick Health

Job title: Director, Admissions


Why are you working in this industry?

There are so many different aspects to healthcare, it is always changing and evolving, so it gives you the opportunity to continually learn and grow and helps you to become extremely adaptable.


What are three daily habits that have helped you to become successful?

Get up early to workout, try my best to stay engaged and multitask at work, and go to bed early.


Who is the person who most influenced you in business?

Susan Wade, Hendrick Health Chief Operating Officer, she was the Admission Director when I first applied at Hendrick and hired me as an Admitting Representative.  She is an incredible example of leadership and professionalism, and is always available and willing to provide mentorship and advice to me and others.

What is an accomplishment that shaped your career?

During COVID, I headed the Employee Labor Pool.  It was one the most difficult roles I have ever done, but it allowed me to get to know so many of our amazing employees and gave me the opportunity to build a program and processes completely from scratch, under unknown and challenging circumstances.


What was your first summer job?

Junior Volunteer at Hendrick Health

Where will we find you enjoying your hard-earned time off? 

Lakeside, with my husband and boys.


Describe yourself in one word. 



Community Involvement:

  • - Former Board member Christian Women’s Job Corp (CWJC)

  • -Goodwill Board Member

  • -United Way Loaned Executive

  • -AYP member

  • -Junior Achievement Volunteer Teacher



My husband, Cody Harris and children, Christian, Colton, Gage, Ashlyn, and Lauren.

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