Every year, Abilene loses a majority of its university graduates to metropolitan areas. In order to retain talent here in Abilene we need YOUR help.


Become a mentor with Campus Connect!

  • Build your resume 

  • Get involved in the community

  • Help students further their career

  • Build Abilene’s economy

  • Help with the workforce initiative

  • Flexible scheduling to work with your busy life ​


Program Length – One year

Program Overview – Participants from each of the universities will be paired with an Abilene Young Professional (AYP) member who shares a career field that the participant is interested in following in their secondary education. Both the university participant and the AYP member will be asked to do the following:


  • Orientation – An evening where all the participants will meet and be paired with their AYP mentor for the first time. Ice breaker games and professional development activities will be held.

  • Job Shadowing – For one day, afternoon, or morning we ask the AYP member to allow the college student the opportunity to shadow them throughout their work day. This can be job/office explanation or a chance for the college student to pick the brain of a professional in their desired career field

  • Volunteer or Community Event – We ask that the students and mentors attend a community event or a volunteer activity to further get to know one another. This could be an After Five Event, Service Project, ArtWalk, etc. The decision is up to the participants.

  • Lunch and Learn – Shadow a lunch meeting or have a one-on-one lunch to further assist the college student in any job questions they may have.

  • Exit Survey – At the end of the semester and program, participants will be asked to fill out a survey to gauge the success of the program and for areas of improvement.

A survey will be given at the beginning and end of the program to gauge the success and the outlook on Abilene at start and finish of program. 

Questions or comments? Email Laurin

The Campus Connect program has been phenomenal. Not only does it provide the opportunity to pour into college students and help explain potential career paths, but it connects potential employers with up and coming prospective employees. I have enjoyed engaging with a student to help him shape the beginning of his career and start off in a positive and helpful way instead of being left without assistance to find his own way. The structure of the program is perfect as it provided suggestions for specific things to do, but allowed the flexibility to work within my schedule. I would highly recommend the Campus Connect program for not only those considering being mentored but for anyone contemplating becoming a mentor.


- Chad B. Hoes, FLMI

Chief Investment Officer

Parkway Advisors, L.P



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