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Brent Hill

Age: 38

Business: First Financial Trust

Job title: Senior Vice President and Trust Officer


Why are you working in this industry? I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and Law Degree. The Trust requires a marriage of skills from both fields and provides exposure to a diverse set of interesting issues and topics.


What are three daily habits that have helped you to become successful?

  1. Daily physical exercise.

  2. Active organization of my email inbox.

  3. Going to bed in time to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.


What was the most significant hurdle you had to overcome to get where you are? How would you address this hurdle today?I once moved to Houston for five years, and spent 4.5 of those years trying to move back to Abilene (and First Financial). As much of a derailer as it seemed at the time, I think I would do it again. I gained valuable perspective about how great the lifestyle in Abilene and working for First Financial can be. I learned that the metaphorical grass is not always greener (even if the grass is literally greener in Houston). 


What was your first summer job? Lifeguard at the West End YMCA in Beaumont (which is now gone, and there is a First Financial Trust location built on top of it).

Where will we find you enjoying your hard-earned time off? Riding my dirt bike in the mountains of Colorado or relaxing on the beach in Alabama.

What changes have you seen in Abilene during your career? What changes would you like to see? Abilene’s population has gotten younger, more diverse, and more modern. I’d like to see that trend continue without forfeiting the small town community spirit that makes Abilene so great.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone starting out in your field what would it be? Never hesitate to ask questions of your peers and supervisors—diversity of thought optimizes decision making.


Community Involvement:

  • Global Samaritan Resources- Board Chair

  • Salvation Army Advisor Board Member- Board Treasurer

  • Frontier Texas Board Member- VP Finance



Wife: Hannah; Children: Fletcher (6) and Hazel (4)

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